Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Per my usual routine, I have usually done a "Things To Be Thankful For" around Thanksgiving.  Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 2012 edition:

"My Twin" -  I don't have any brothers or sisters in the biological sense but I am lucky to be blessed with a friend who is, in all intensive purposes, my "twin".   We share something that is unusual but has become a unifying thing and a source of humor.  Beyond the laughs lie two good friends who look out for each other.  We talk frequently to share our ups / downs but also just to check in on the other person.   Can't ask much more from a good friend.

"Basketball" - As always, I'm thankful for basketball.  But not just the game but the people involved, especially the two basketball leagues I play in and the group of guys I play with on Saturday.  It's great to get exercise but to also hang out with the guys as well.

"San Francisco" - You never know what you miss until you get it back.  I worked in downtown SF from around 1999 until 2002.  After 2002,  I've worked in various cities but never got back to downtown SF.  Just last week, I returned to downtown SF and I am loving it.  I've got friends who I can meet up with constantly and plenty of food, activities around that I can do.

"The Visitor" -   I'm going to keep this one brief.  But I want to acknowledge a person that I met recently.   Thanks for everything and I look forward to seeing what the future brings.

"Sales / Speaking Skills" - Once a upon a time, I was a tech support engineer who was trying to learn to become a Sales Engineer.  I went through quite a few difficult situations and have grown up faster than I expected.  These days, speaking in front of customers, large crowds or other things don't bother me.

"Ricardo / iMovie / Movie Editing" - Special thanks to a guy named Ricardo who plays in my basketball league.  It was due to his idea of capturing videos that spurred me to pick up the basics of movie editing.  Thanks to iMovie for making the process easy and editing movies a fun task.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Unknown said...

Don, thank you for sharing what you are thankful for. This is the season for all of us to reflect and give thanks, and not be preoccupied with shopping or other material pursuits.