Friday, November 09, 2012

Reach Out And Touch Someone

In 2012, there are some many ways to communicate with people.  You have the old standbys like the telephone / cellphone or even meeting face to face.  But you could throw in the multitude of electronic options such as email, instant messaging, Facebook / Social Media and text messaging. 

Electronic communications are great in short bursts but can feel awfully impersonal.  If faced with a choice of NO communication or electronic communication, I'm sure most people would prefer to communicate electronically versus not communicating at all. 

Personally, I find that talking to someone over the phone or in person is much better than strictly exchanging electronic communications.  I do my share of emails, instant messages, and texting but just talking to another person has a lot of benefits than just doing electronic communications.  Talking to someone makes you feel like you're understood.  Plus, hearing the laughs and other things associated with talking is a part of the human experience.  Having electronic communications should supplement this AND NOT REPLACE talking on the phone or meeting your friends. 

Additionally, as the holiday seasons approach, it's always good to reach out to friends.  One friend commented to me last year:  "TV shows and commercials make it seem like everyone is happy".  I definitely understood his point.  During holidays, it seems like "everyone" is happy getting together with friends and family. 

But in reality, there are many people who are going through struggles.  The obvious people are the people without jobs, families or other basic necessities.  But even regular people go through some down times as well.  

If you recognize this in someone you know, do a favor and reach out.  To borrow the phrase from the old AT&T commercials back in the 1980's:  "REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE".  Give someone a call and say hi.  Meet someone up for dinner.  I am sure your friends will appreciate it!  

One of my friends definitely did that for me last year.  I had been going through some worries and the friend would call to check up on me.  At the end of the day, that's what friends are for.  

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