Saturday, November 03, 2012

Moving Time / Changing TIme

For my current job, I currently work at a remote sales office a few miles outside of San Francisco.  I've been at this office since I was first hired back in 2008.   My company's headquarters is based out of Virginia.

In about four days, the majority of the staff (including me) at this remote office will make a move to Downtown San Francisco.   There will be a few others who have chosen to move to another office near Silicon Valley.

Anytime you move anywhere (work or house), there will be changes.  My co-workers and I will face a host of new changes to deal with a host of new changes.  For me personally, here's what I will have to adjust to:

Getting back to taking PUBLIC TRANSIT to work.  It was been a decade or more since I last took public transit to work.  Fortunately, it's close to home and not that big of a deal.

Getting used to no free parking.  I do a lot of things after work and will likely need a car.  Alas, I will be forced to pay for parking if I drive to work which is not fun.

The commute from my house to the current office is very easy.  Commuting to downtown SF in public transit will be relatively smooth.  Driving to downtown SF is a different story.

On the days, I don't drive to downtown SF, I will leave my car at home.  Alas, I will need to invest in a residential parking permit.  Otherwise, I may get a parking ticket if I leave my car at home all day.  Some parts of SF do this as otherwise out of town folks will just park their cars in some parts of the city all day.

The current offices have a small workout facility but the new offices will not.  I will likely have to make some trips to a nearby 24 hour fitness instead.   A friend has already said I should take some workout classes with him so that will be interesting.

However, while all of this sounds "negative", it's really just adjusting to the changes.  The positives for the move are:

I will be close to a lot of friends who also work downtown.  I can meet up with lunch / dinner and go workout really close by.

Being downtown, there will be plenty of shopping I can do before heading home.  From my current office, I would have to drive to the local mall.

It may take a while to adjusted but once I get used to things, it will be a great thing to be back working in the heart of downtown San Francisco.

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