Sunday, August 08, 2010

Living in the great outdoors AKA camping

Got back home a few hours from a long weekend that involved camping and white water rafting. This was my second time camping and my third time rafting. The rafting was fun as always. We went on a Class 3/4 rapid which is tough but not dangerous to beginners or moderately experienced people like me.

On the other hand, camping is not something I was particularly looking forward to. My first experience camping was about some 15 years ago or so. My memories of the experience is just rough nights trying to sleep on the hard ground, getting used to the dirt and dust and the very nasty conditions of the bathroom and shower facilities.

Fortunately, I didn't have to sleep on the hard ground as I was with someone who had an air mattress. The general dirt and dust wasn't too bothersome. After all, I was there to raft and spent most of Saturday wet.

Alas, getting used to the bathroom and shower facilities was not easy. I guess we're all spoiled to some extent to our homes. Having dirty floors, sinks and bugs all over the place is hardly the way you want in your facilities. However, I dealt with it and overall it wasn't that bad.

Overall, camping is a good bonding experience and I don't dislike the experience. It would be great to have better facilities but maybe I'll take a dip in the nearby river next time!

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