Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life is like shooting a basketball

If there is one thing my friends know me for, it is my passion for basketball. If I'm not playing basketball, I'm officiating, coaching or watching basketball somewhere.

Sometime ago, I wrote on Facebook that I was surprised at my sudden improvement in my basketball shooting, even though I am over 30. Indeed, I have been working on my basketball shooting since I was in 8th grade. Various people (coaches, friends, etc) had commented in my younger days about my shooting mechanics. Some comments involved my release point. Other comments involved my slow release.

I did my best to improve but it wasn't until 2007 when I noticed significant changes. I suddenly discovered my groove and everything started to fall into place. My release point was better. My release was faster. Of course, the shots started falling more often. The best thing though? I was no longer thinking about my shot. Everything was free flowing and natural.

In many ways, life is very much like learning to shoot a basketball. I definitely read many books and tried different ways to shoot a basketball. In life, people go through different jobs, majors and even boyfriends/girlfriends. When you initially try new things like a job, it takes you some time to figure things out. But once you figure it out, you stop thinking about things and just get into your daily groove.

In addition, just like when you shoot a basketball, sometimes you're going to make it and sometimes you may miss. Maybe you end up dating the wrong person. Maybe you choose the wrong major or get into a job that doesn't fit your personality. However, as all basketball players know, if you miss a shot, you eventually will get a chance to shoot again later. When life doesn't quite go your way, don't get discouraged. There will always be another opportunity at some later point.

As smooth as my shooting is going now, I do wish that EVERYTHING in life would go as smoothly. I know that is a bit of a pipe dream, but one can hope. :)

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