Thursday, November 26, 2015

Things To Be Thankful For - 2015 Edition

It's been a year since I blogged!  Well, it's Thanksgiving evening and now's a good time to give my thanks:

My "Twin" Friend:  Lots of up and downs throughout this 2015 year for both of us.  But I'm glad my "twin" is with me.  Someone who is always willing to lend and ear to listen or just talk about random things.  We really are the definition of good friends!

ABC Basketball:  The older you get, the less you go out and "party".  Plus, a lot of friends get married and the time to hang out gets minimized to a few times per year.  So what do you do?  You go play in basketball leagues.  Not just any leagues though.  ABC Basketball is less about basketball and more about community.  It's a chance to "hang out" with people you know once or twice a week (depending if you play one or both leagues).  Everyone needs their social time away from regular life and I'm glad that ABC is around for me.

Shopping centers and late night Target Hours:  My mom's health isn't great and there's a lot of things she is supposed to do including exercise.  It's a challenge for my dad since he works odd hours.   So most days / nights when I am not busy, I am taking my mom around for walks.   The walks are  nothing too elaborate or long.  Given her age and sensitivity to hot / cold weather, I've made several shopping centers (Serramonte and Stonestown) and the Colma Target my mom's walking spots.  Target is my favorite after 9 PM since the malls are closed by then.

I got walking patterns for the malls / Target that will generally get mom about 25 to 30 minutes of walking.  We probably need to do more but she does get tired.  I figure that just getting a little bit every day is a good cumulative thing.

iMovie / Movie Cameras:  Technology is great and I've taken advantage of it.  In the past three years or so, I'm on a binge recording a good number of my basketball related activities.  Then I use iMovie to parse highlights for myself and friends.  It's a shame technology wasn't as advanced in the older days.  It would be nice to see myself when I was younger.  But I have no complaints about things now!

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