Friday, October 11, 2013

Been Thinking About.......

About 2 weeks ago, I played in a softball tournament.  Technically, i played in ONE game of the tournament.  I had a wedding to attend that conflicted so my plan was to play the one game.  As it turned out, I suffered a hand injury anyway so one game was going to be what I played regardless.

The injury hurt but I thought it was a sprain so I iced and rested for the past two weeks or so.  Alas, there was still some pain so I decided to get a check up.  Unfortunately, the x-rays showed a fracture in my hand.  Its not serious but I will be in a removable splint and be away from major physical activities like basketball for a while.

Though the injury is annoying and frustrating (I am typing this with one hand) , I am surprised at how calm I've taken this injury otherwise.  A part of the reason is due to my teams winning two league championships in the spring.  The excitement of the spring was great and not something that can be easily replicated.  Since the spring, I've focused on trying to ENJOY playing basketball and not just focus on winning.

Now that I am out for a while, I plan to enjoy the view from the bench.  In a way, its good to take a break.   I've been playing a lot for the past few years.

Additionally, my injury is nothing compared to something a friend is going through.  The friend is not super close but someone I've known for a while.  This friend had a tough life overall but recently has been dealt with many health issues.  I visited the hospital a few days ago and it was tough to see the friend hooked up to a few machines and unable to speak.

While my injury sucks, I am reminded that there are always people that have it worse.  I'm not entirely sure what I can do for my friend but the least I can do is be there for support.

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