Saturday, December 22, 2012

What Christmas Means To Me....At The Moment

The past few years, I've had a few friends note to me that they feel "blah" around Christmas time.  As someone who has gone through it lately, I can understand why.  Christmas is commercialized and the media bombardment makes it feel like "everyone is happy" around this time.  

The reality is that not everyone is thrilled around Christmas.  Christmas is about commercialism, gift buying and families.  However, for those of us (including me) who aren't married, gift buying isn't done as much.  Much of my adult friends have agreed that we don't need to buy presents for each other anymore.  If we do buy anything, it should be for the kids.  My opinion is that many parents (and their families) buy enough presents for the kids.  I have chosen to take a hands off approach to buying presents for the kids.  Of course, that means, I'm not out as much buying things.  That can make someone feel like "something is wrong".

On the other hand, I'm blogging to put a positive spin on things.  This year, I actually had to shop a bit more than I did in the past.  I had a few gift exchanges to go to and actually trying to buy something for parents and my cousin's kids.   But that itself doesn't make me happy.

I realized that just because it's Christmas doesn't mean anything has changed.  I can still do my usual things and be content with it.  For example, in the course of 8 hours, I officiated a few basketball games, went to a lunch party and played some basketball.

One thing I realize is that ANY holiday is a time to renew friendships.  The lunch party and playing basketball was less about the activity and more about just seeing some of my friends.

The same is for my family.  One of my cousins and I talked last year.  Our family is just not big on everyone getting together.  Last year, my cousin decided to invite my family over to dinner on Christmas.  We went over in the evening and just hung out for a few hours.  We are doing this again in a few days as well.

For anyone who feels like Christmas is blah, it's fine.  I understand why.  But there are others who may feel the same way.  However, there is no need to dwell on it.   Just take a deep breath and remember how blessed you are with everything you have.

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