Thursday, June 21, 2012

LeBron Wins First NBA Title

I'm not a fan of LeBron James but also don't hate him.  So having James and the Miami Heat winning this season's NBA championship is no big deal.  Congratulations to the Heat for a good season and they will definitely enjoy the championship experience.

LeBron winning the title reminded me of my adult league championship during the summer of 2011.   Some of the guys on my team had never won any type of championship while playing in various leagues.  I was fortunate to have been part of five different teams.  The experience probably helped me to do well last summer as my team won the championship 73-72 in overtime.

That feeling of winning last summer still resonates even a year later.  The game itself was one of the best I played on as it was a nail bitter.  Some of my teammates from that team still see each other every now and then.  We still talk about that game when we see each other.

So as LeBron celebrates his first NBA title, I am reminded of my team's reaction to winning our title last summer.  Even though the NBA title means more than our adult league championship, it was a great experience to be cherished.  For LeBron, I hope he enjoys this one.  While he will do his best to win more, there is never a guarantee for another one.

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