Thursday, May 05, 2011

Enjoying The Simple Things.....

Today was a great day and not because of anything super special I did.  Firstly, I met up an old friend for lunch and we caught up on our happenings over the past couple of months.  My friend had been busy with work and went on vacation while I had been busy with my various things so we hadn't talked on the phone or met in person in a while.   It didn't really bother me as my friend will always reach out to me when time permits and it was just a matter of time we met up again.

After lunch, I had to go home to take care of some personal business for a short while.  After that, I left my car at home and took a walk around my neighborhood.  I had planned to take a walk to the shopping center (2 miles away) but thought it might be too much effort to hit the mall.  Instead, I took a pit stop at a local strip mall.  There were some chairs so I sat down and just enjoyed the sun and the small breeze.

After a little while, I walked back home and got a call from another friend.  I chatted with my friend for a while before having dinner.

While I didn't really do anything particularly special, I loved catching up with my friends and having some solo time to myself.  :)

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