Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Appreciate Every Moment, For It Will Never Come Again......

Last night, in my Monday Night Open Division spring basketball league, my team (Red) defeated our opponents (White) 64-48 to advance to the league championship game next week.    My team led the game from beginning to end and there was not a lot of drama.   It was a stark contrast to the Fall season, when my team (who was also Red) had to rally from a 10 point deficit to win and make it to the championship game.

Having made it to the championship and winning it last season, I didn't put any particular importance to my team's win last night.  However, one of my teammates and I were talking afterward and he pointed out that he would now be playing in his fourth consecutive championship game in the league.   I thought that was interesting and it got me to remember that I myself would be playing in my THIRD consecutive championship game in the league as well (all on the same team as the guy I was talking to).  That made me appreciate our win last night a lot more!

The other interesting thing I did yesterday was to hang out with my friend.  We didn't do anything super noteworthy.  We had lunch, talked and collected points that got us some rewards.  I should mention I used those rewards to buy something today!  While my friend and I didn't do anything crazy, it was definitely a unique experience that I appreciated a lot.

The point in all of this?  Even in moments of life that you don't necessarily think is important, they are all unique and should be appreciated.   For someone who didn't win my first championship in this particular league until last fall, it surprises me that I am now playing in my third consecutive championship game.

If I were to somehow were to repeat playing in three consecutive basketball league championship games again in the future, it would be under different circumstances and an entirely new experience.

Remember to appreciate every moment (good or bad) in life for once it passes, you'll never get a chance to experience it exactly the same again!

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