Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chinese New Year Basketball Classic Tournament - Day 1

So the day is finally over.  After getting up at 7:45 AM for my team's 9 AM game and playing a second game at 11:30 AM, I stayed and watched the other games before returning home moments ago.

The day was tough for my team as we lost both games.  The first game we played some college kids and they jumped out to an early lead that they never relinquished.  We ended up losing 78-57.  The second game was better as our opponent was more at our level.  Alas, after taking a one point lead with 4 seconds left, our defense wasn't good enough as our opponents hit a shot at the buzzer to win 43-42.

With our record at 0-2, we will play tomorrow morning at 11 AM against First Chinese Baptist Church.  They are a pretty young and athletic team so my team will have to be at our best to have a chance.

As for myself, I actually had a pretty offensive day.  I scored 12 points in the first game and 8 points in the second game.  In fact, I hit my first four shots of the second game but struggled in the second half when the opponents went to a man defense.

All in all, while the record isn't great my team did have a good time and it was good to get my team onto the floor.  We'll do our best tomorrow!

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