Sunday, October 03, 2010

San Francisco Giants: National League West Champions 2010!

I had a bit of an interesting day today.  I was scheduled to officiate some youth basketball games from 11 AM to 2 PM near Downtown San Francisco.   Then at 6:30 PM, I was scheduled to play in an adult basketball league a few miles away.   That left me quite a bit of dead time in between.  I could have gone home but my 6:30 PM game was closer to where I was than home.

After I finished officiating at 2 PM, I realized that the gym had the San Francisco Giants / San Diego Padres game on.  This game was a huge one.  It was the final regular season game for both teams.  For San Francisco, it was win or they had to travel to San Diego to play a tiebreaker game.  For San Diego, it was win or go home.

The Giants managed to pull out a 3-0 win and clinch the National League West Championship.  This will the Giants first playoff appearance since 2003.  This reminds of 2002 when there was so much excitement because the Giants made the World Series that year.  The Giants had a great chance to win but unfortunately lost in seven games.  My friend and I actually made a trip to Southern California in 2002 to watch Game 6 and were bitterly disappointed.

In any case, I like the 2010 edition of the San Francisco Giants and have a feeling they might go far.

For the moment, the Giants are basking in the glory of their victory but starting tomorrow, they will need to get back to business.

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